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Welcome to HUM Real Estate - where we have reinvented the traditional brokerage model! As a full-service brokerage, we provide the tools you will need to crush it: High-tech resources and Unique services that allow us to create Memorable experiences for our clients and with our team. Basically, we found the perfect mix of the best technology, made partnerships with the right people, and structured the brokerage so you can focus on what you do best: retaining your current business and earning new business.


Training is critical to the success of your business, so we have a whole team dedicated to it. Our technical support team focuses on the efficiency of the systems, and our Operations Team provides constant training opportunities in several formats: one-on-one in-person trainings, live virtual trainings, pre-recorded trainings, online courses, weekly role playing, and more. A week will never go by without giving you the option of attending an industry relevant training.

We are a highly collaborative team who believe that mentorship works both ways - it is an opportunity for us all to bring out the best in each other. For new agents, you will be supported through every client interaction, and guided until you can turn the contract upside down and explain it clause-by-clause with confidence. For seasoned agents, someone is almost always available as a resource to you. Beyond our local team members, we have virtual assistants in Europe and Asia, enabling us all to have a constant lifeline.

With this level of support, weekly meetings, quarterly outings, and annual client appreciation extravaganzas, our goal is to build your knowledge and confidence, so you can turn that into GCI.

Single Property Websites

An aerial view of a row of houses in a residential neighborhood, showcasing the layout and design of the homes.


Representing the best interests of a seller is a non-negotiable, but it's $1,000 per listing to provide the best marketing and technology. We've all seen the agent's photos they took with their cell phone, and their reflection is in the mirror, and the angles don't do the space justice. If you're still reading, our guess is that is not the representation you want out there of your business and the quality of product you offer. At Hum Real Estate, we cover the costs of these expenses and provide you with an assistant, so you can focus on selling.


Buying a home can be overwhelming, but we've got your clients covered with proprietary, step-by-step magazines, guides, and checklists updated quarterly with todays market information. And our fully-interactive Concierge List can connect your clients with hundreds of local service providers for anything they might need from junk removal to Internet providers.
Various real estate-related expenses categorized into recurring expenses, listing expenses, and start-up expenses.

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A one-stop shop, Hum Real Estate provides you with value. As a new agent, you may not have the resources to throw private, fully-catered, open-bar client parties with a videographer to capture stunning client video testimonials. As a seasoned agent, you may not have an assistant, struggle with coming up with daily social media posts, or aren't sure where to begin to build custom websites for your listings. Guess what? We got that all covered!

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With the right systems, an organized assistant, and a killer online presence, imagine how many deals you could close with an entire team behind you.


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*Although we don't charge some of the recurring fees like traditional brokerages (desk fees, brand fees, marketing fees, etc), there are annual costs associated with your licensure. Since we never want you to be surprised by a cost of the business, these fees are typically paid to the following organizations: National/State/Local Associations of REALTORS®, Supra, and the costs of the Continuing Education required to maintain your license. It is also advised that you pay your estimated income taxes to the Internal Revenue Service quarterly to avoid any potential penalties.


**Agent Listing Expenses were calculated assuming 6 closed listing sides annually.