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Bobbin Brook

Centrally located in North Tallahassee, Bobbin Brook is walking distance to Maclay Gardens, several other parks, and even a city recreation center. It is also located just north of the famous Market Square where you can enjoy some of the city's best shopping and restaurants. It is a neighborhood known for upscale Southern Living.

A ground-level view of the entrance sign for "Bobbin Brook," indicating the name of the residential community.


An aerial view of a large, luxurious property in the Bobbin Brook community, surrounded by dense trees and greenery.
An aerial view of a large property within the Bobbin Brook community, surrounded by dense trees.
Another aerial view of a property in Bobbin Brook, highlighting the house and surrounding greenery.
Another ground-level view of a street within Bobbin Brook, showing lush greenery and well-maintained roads.

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