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Lake Bradford - Cascade Lake

The Lake Bradford area is between the Tallahassee International Airport and the Tallahassee Museum in southwest Tallahassee. It is a combination of older neighborhoods and rural lands.

Another aerial view of the lake bradford, showing the expanse of water surrounded by dense forest. The scene is serene and untouched by urban development.


An aerial view of Lake Bradford Area showing more of the shoreline with houses and docks extending into the water.
An aerial view of Lake Bradford.  The lake is surrounded by dense greenery and a few houses or cabins along the shoreline. The water is calm and reflective.
A ground-level view of a road in Lake Bradford with trees lining both sides. There is a fence along the road, and the area appears green and well-maintained.
A wide view of the Lake Bradford with a clear blue sky above. The lake is surrounded by trees, giving a peaceful and natural appearance.

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