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Levy Park

Centrally located in Midtown, Levy Park is an "awesome neighborhood!" It is community-centered with an array of folks from all ages who are writers, lawyers, artists, and musicians. The area hosts an urban farm and is a short walk to beautiful Lake Ella. Levy Park is close to shops, eateries, and taverns.

An aerial view focusing on the residential community around Levy Park, showcasing houses, streets, and abundant trees.


Another aerial view of Levy Park, showing the layout of the park, nearby houses, and the surrounding greenery.
An aerial view of the residential area around Levy Park, highlighting houses, tree-lined streets, and green spaces.
An aerial view of Levy Park, featuring a sports complex with baseball fields and a swimming pool. The area is well-maintained and surrounded by trees.
A closer aerial view of the sports complex within Levy Park, highlighting the swimming pool and baseball fields.

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