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Linene Woods

Just south of Lake Jackson, Linene Woods is a quiet community near Interstate-10 and Meridian Road. It is in a natural setting popular for bird watching, yet not far from town.

A ground-level view of the entrance sign for "Linene Woods," indicating the name of the residential community.


An aerial view of Linene Woods, highlighting the layout of houses within a dense forested area. The homes are well-spaced and surrounded by nature.
A broader aerial view of Linene Woods, emphasizing the extensive forested area and the distribution of houses within the community.
An aerial view of linene woods showing a densely wooded suburban area.
Another view of Linene Woods, focusing on the natural surroundings and the integration of houses within the wooded landscape.
A closer view of a section of Linene Woods, showing individual houses nestled among trees.
A ground-level view of a street within the Linene Woods community, showcasing a tree-lined road with dappled sunlight.

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